Landscape Maintenance Services

Landscape Maintenance Services

Offering a wide variety of services, we’ll create a customized service plan for your lawn based on your specific needs. For your convenience, you can choose to combine regular, scheduled services onto one easy monthly invoice.

Happy Grass Inc.

  • Minimize Waste By Integrating and Reusing Landscape Material
  • Minimize Pesticide Use Leveraging Alternative Methods to Control Invasive Weeds
    • Cultural Practice of Hand Pulling of Weeds and Hand Pruning
    • Proper Mulch and Soil Mixture
    • Less Damaging Chemical Application as Needed
  • Proper Plant Placement and Installation
  • Proper Fertilization

We have several lawn mowing programs to suit your needs: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and vacation cuts. All our programs include mowing, trimming and clean up.

Our 5-step fertilizing program can improve the durability and aesthetics of your lawn. Our team has the experience to analyze the soil and use the right amount of fertilizer to maintain good health, vigor and color of your lawn throughout the year.

  • Crabgrass Prevention
  • Post-Emergent Broadleaf Weed Control
  • Slow-Release Turf Builder
  • Winterizer Fertilizer

An easy way to suppress weeds, mulching with add nutrients to the soil, retain soil moisture, protect a plant’s root system and slow the erosion of topsoil. Happy Grass Inc. offers several mulching options. We have several options to choose:

  • Shredded Hardwood: $60/yd.
  • Enviro Mulch: $65/yd. (Available in Dark Brown, Light Brown, Red & Gold)
  • Hemlock: $75/yd.

Spring Clean Ups
We can clean up the mess winter left behind, from cleaning out plant beds, cutting back perennials, pruning shrubs or adding a fresh coat of mulch, we do it all.

Fall Clean Ups
When winter is knocking on your door, let us do the work for you while you take advantage of the brisk fall weather. Our fall cleanup service includes removing the abundance of leaves to cutting back the perennials and gardens to prepare for a beautiful spring bloom.

Extend the life of shrubs and plants with selective hand pruning and shearing. Plants that are well pruned produce more flowers and fruit.

Bed edging is a great way to redefine plant bed edges, we can create a clean and crisp natural edge between turf and plant bed or install a preferred edging with several options available. Happy Grass’ landscaping services also include manual weeding and herbicide spot treatments.

Lawn Aeration
Aerating your lawn breaks up the thatch layer and compaction of the soil that can restrict the grass’ access to nutrients and water.

Lawn Repair and Over Seeding
Lawn Repair and over seeding is a great way to fill in sparse areas of your lawn that may have been high traffic areas, highly shaded, damaged by snow or were under stress during the previous season. Over seeding allows you to pick a seed best fit for your lawn.

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